Friday, August 29, 2008

My Comp Is True - Vol. 1

According to Last.FM and, these are the tracks that I have been listening to the most over the last few months (one track per artist), although I suspect that the Zune counter is not very accurate as it shows the same tracks every month. By the way, I have no “Zune Friends,” so if you have a Zune and use the crappy “Zune Social” and want to be my “friend,” search for Aimz54901.

01 The Sadies - Dying Is Easy.mp3
In Convert Vol. 1 (2006)

02 Drive-By Truckers - That Man I Shot.mp3
Brighter Than Creations Dark (2008)

03 Uncle Tupelo - Still Be Around.mp3
Still Feel Gone (1991, reissued 2003)

04 Bo Diddley - Say Man.mp3
His Best: The Chess 50th Anniversary Collection (1997)

05 Old 97s - Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue.mp3
Blame it on Gravity (2008)

06 The Hold Steady - One for the Cutters.mp3
Stay Positive (2008)

07 The National - Lucky You.mp3
Daytrotter Sessions (2007)

08 Chris Mills - Calling All Comrades.mp3
Living in the Aftermath (2008)

09 Justin Rutledge - Too Sober To Sleep.mp3
No Never Alone (2004)

10 Okkervil River - Black.mp3
Black Sheep Boy (2005)

11 Johnny Cash - I Still Miss Someone.mp3
16 Biggest Hits (1999)

12 The Jayhawks - Blue.mp3
Tomorrow the Green Grass (1995, reissued 2002)

13 The SteelDrivers - If It Hadn't Been For Love.mp3
The SteelDrivers (2008)

14 Matthew Ryan - Drunk And Disappointed.mp3
Matthew Ryan Vs. The Silver State (2008)

15 Slobberbone - Bright Eyes Darkened.mp3
Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today (2000)

16 Lucero - Slow Dancing.mp3
Tennessee (2002)


Trailer said...

I would download that except that it looks a lot like my recent playlists (barring the Matthew Ryan which I really can't get into for some reason).

PearlSnapMan said...

Totally rad blog, Aimz!