Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kiss the Bottle

Still in Windsor. One of my favorite bands played "up north" in Detroit last night. Lucero hails from Memphis and puts on one hell of a hard rocking whiskey-soaked country show. Caught them in Toronto a few months ago and they tore the roof off of the place. Instead of ditching my Canadian peeps and heading to Detroit Rock City, I stayed in Windsor and went to a bar called Big Dicks and drank a ton of beer and cursed at the craptacular digital jukebox that wouldn't play any Lucero tracks, or any other alt country track, that I wanted to here .

Here is Lucero live covering a Jawbreaker track. I found this track on the interwebs somewhere. My guess is that they did it last night in Detroit too. You can also find it on the reissue of The Attic Tapes.

Kiss The Bottle.mp3
Buy: The Attic Tapes (2006)

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