Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Lucero Video

Actually, the only Lucero video. In their 14 years as a band, this is Lucero's first official video. Per Paste: "Although the band's been making music for 14 years, this is their first official music video. 'Our fans have made videos over the years, we've never made one ourselves until now,' lead singer Ben Nichols said. 'Why? Basically because we're unorganized and lazy.'" And, once again, Ben Nichols tells the story of my life.

Several weeks ago the band put a call out for fans to show up at some location south of Memphis in northern Mississippi. This video was the result of that call. It's basically a big party, and essentially exactly what happens at a Lucero show, but without the pond. (Edit: I can't speak for all Lucero shows, but previous the gigs in Toronto and Boston have not had ponds.) My favorite part of the video is when drummer Roy Berry adds a "Y" to the end "Lucero" painted on the van, to read "Roy Rules." Then he does a vile jello shot with a chaser of Budweiser. Awesome. The only thing that video director should have done differently is splice some live footage of the band performing between party scenes. Or is that too 80s?

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