Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Over the weekend the Juno awards were held in Ottawa. The Junos are the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys. William Shatner hosted the TV event on Sunday (how awesome is that?). Feist beat Michael Buble for artist of the year, Dallas Green beat Feist for songwriter of the year, and Dan Mangan won best new artist, even though he's not that new (similar to Bon Iver winning that award at the Grammys). Good old Justin Beiber won the Teenaged Girls' Choice Award, I mean People's Choice Award. You can see all of the nominees and award winners here.

And also like the Grammys, most of the Juno awards were handed out at a Gala on Saturday, the day before the TV broadcast. I was cruising around on twitter on Saturday night when someone posted that The Sadies, one of my favorite bands, had won best video. Cool! The winning video posted below is called Rumbleseat and features the song "Tell Her What I Said" from the 2010 album Darker Circles. Rumbleseat, directed by Mike Roberts, is more of an animated short film than an actual music video. It's pretty bad ass.

The Sadies - Tell Her What I Said.mp3
Buy: Darker Circles (2010)

Tell Her What I Said.mp3
From: iTunes Canada Session (2010)

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