Friday, March 30, 2012

Poll: Who was hotter in 1969?

I just found the poll widget on blogger (evil laugh). I'm going to try to throw up some ridiculous polls every now and then. Tonight I caught the Woodstock documentary on cable, and I couldn't get over how hot Roger Daltrey looked in his leather fringe in 1969. Know who else was pretty damn hot in the late 60s/early 70s? Robert Plant. Both Brits, both lead singers of massive bands, both with amazing vocal ranges, both hot as hell in their primes. In the summer of 1969 Daltrey was 25 years old with four best-selling albums under his belt. Plant was 21, coming off of the early 1969 release of Led Zeppelin's many-times platinum self-titled album.

So who was hotter in 1969? Daltrey or Plant? Vote on the right sidebar.

The Who - Listening to You-See Me, Feel Me.mp3
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Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused.mp3
Buy: Led Zeppelin (1969, reissued 1995)

EDIT: I realize that the poll text may not be showing up. This is a Blogger issue. Daltrey is on the top, and Plant on the bottom. (TWSS)


Unknown said...

On objective looks, Daltrey. But when you factor in voice and attitude, the sex appeal / hotness vote undeniably goes to Plant. In the 60's (now, daltrey would take it ).

Chloe Smith said...

Ya Plant was hot. But I never really was into bad boys. I loved how Daltrey could be sexy and then almost pure and sweet in the movie Tommy which moved me. More of an emotional connection to Daltrey for me, he has such a humble demeanor. Which I find more attractive. He's got rock star sex appeal and then at the same time I feel you could take him home to meet the parents ;)