Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day Gordon Lightfoot Tribute

Our friends over at Hero Hill have outdone themselves on this fine Canada Day. They put together a tribute to Gordon Lightfoot from some of my favorite Canadian indie artists including the Warped 45s, Cam Penner, and The Schomberg Fair. Turning Back the Pages of My Sweet Shattered Dreams contains 36 tracks covering nearly all of Lightfoot's career.

Go over to Hero Hill and download this tribute pronto!

Cam Penner - Alberta Bound.mp3
Lorrie Matheson - Sundown.mp3
From: Turning Back the Pages of My Sweet Shattered Dreams: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot (2011)


SteveA said...

Sundown is still on heavy rotation on my iPod still! And it remains as one of my fave songs!

I've been trying to find a remake done by Elmo but can't get it anywhere (well Sundown was sampled in it!)

LLoyd Plywood said...

I just finished reading "The Mighty Fitz". Now Gordon's song is in my mind.