Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Tunes

My blog has been weaker than usual lately due to me getting killed at my new job and due to me doing a bit of traveling. Here are a few tunes that I have been digging lately. I really hope to kick this blog into high gear this April.

This one is dedicated to my buddy Gorrck who just turned 40!

The Heartless Bastards - Done Got Old.mp3
Buy: Stairs & Elevators 2005

This one is dedicated to all of you poor saps who lost your girlfriend to the lead singer of a bad pretentious indie band at South by Southwest.

Sons of Bill - Lost Love and Indie Rockers.mp3
From: Life in Shambles tour EP (2010)

From the great state of Georgia, here's a song about vapid, annoying chicks. I strive not to be one of those girls.

Chase Fifty Six - Goodbye Princess.mp3
Buy: Allatoona Rising (2010)


Belle, with a side of courage said...

Love Sons of Bill, and particularly that song...great choice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listenin!
Chase Fifty Six