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February Feel Bad For You Comp

While I was on hiatus I enlisted my colleague TruerSound to curate the monthly Feel Bad For You comp for our friends on TruerSound in turn enlisted the help of RomeoSidVicious and his mad programming skillz to turn the comp completely digital, with it's own URL and other fancy crap. TruerSound also enlisted the musical opinions of other friends/bloggers/jokers/sociopaths to contribute to this fine project, to make it more diverse and shit. Friends, I present to you, the February Feel Bad For You comp, complete with it's own website, FBFY Monthly Mixtape, and cool cassette streaming thingy. You can click on the aforementioned link to download the comp and to see which contributor you would like to blame for their terrible choice in songs. Enjoy!

1. Andrew Combs - Tennessee Time.mp3
Buy (Bandcamp): Tennessee Time (2010)
Submitted By: Autopsy IV
Comments: Jordan, the manager of The Only Sons, gave me a heads up about this guy. He was in Tampa working the merch table for the Caitlin Rose / Justin Townes Earle tour. We had a short conversation and I recorded him playing a song for me. A couple of days later he emailed me this album and it’s fucking great.

2. The Backsliders - "Broken Wings"
From: Throwing Rocks At The Moon (1997)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: “the distance from the bottle to the floor/gets closer evertime I drink one more” A classic song off a classic album

3. Against Me! - "Holy Shit"
From: Searching For A Former Clarity (2005)
Submitted By: PearlSnapMan
Comments: I’ve been completely obsessed with this song and this band recently.

4. Amazing Rhythm Aces - "King Of The Cowboys"
From: Stacked Deck (1975)
Submitted By: erschen
Comments: Nice 70′s country rock. They are most known for their lone hit, Third Rate Romance. I came across this song a few years back. Beautiful piano by James Hooker, who’s been a part of Nanci Griffith’s band for many years. Also, some nice harmonies. Kind of an ode to westerns.

5. Charlie Parr and the Black Twig Pickers - "The Whupped Him Up The Hill"
From: Glory in the Meeting House (2010)
Submitted By: RomeoSidVicious
Comments: I have been on sort of a Gospel kick in my personal playlists lately and now I am going to share that kick with all of ya’ll. This is just an amazing track with great vocals and an awesome backing band. “Church music” by and large sucks and is rarely anything I would listen to but old timey Gospel is a different story and this one comes from a more visceral time when they weren’t afraid to paint a mental image with hymns. Nowadays, if you ever darken a church house door, you won’t hear anything like this because the current crop of religious people are mostly in it just to feel good. It doesn’t matter if you religious or not this is still a great track from a different time.

6. Good Old War - "That’s Some Dream"
From: Good Old War (2010)
Submitted By: Blair Hook

7. The Bohannons - Axe To Grind.mp3
Buy (Bandcamp): Days of Echo (2010)
Submitted by: Corey Flegel
Comments: I’ve been extremely lucky to go on the road with the rock band Glossary the past couple of years or so…I don’t know where we were, but I remember reading some very loose talk on a random bar room bathroom stall about some band called the Bohannons. I didn’t think a whole lot about it until I was later pillaging the Grand Palace poster stash and saw a poster for a Lucero/Bohannons show that was pretty pretty badass. I hollered at Bingham Barnes(Glossary bassist and Grand Palace silkscreen extraordinaire) and said- Hey I know these Bohannons! I read about them that time…Anyways, Bingham says- oh yeah, The Bohannons are the super rock your body/melt your face awesome dudes from Chattanooga. And Lord knows they are…I love this band. I think they ate my brain…

8. Tommy Womack - You Don’t Get Over Love.mp3
From: Unreleased
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: This song belongs in this month’s FBFY compilation for a couple of reasons. One, February – Valentine’s – Love – Broken Hearts – Whatever. Also, Tommy Womack recently released a Government Cheese anthology and has scheduled two February reunion shows in Bowling Green, KY and and Nashville. (Buy, read, devour & laugh at Cheese Chronicles: The True Story Of A Rock-n-Roll Band You’ve Never Heard Of if you want to learn more.) This song has never been released on any of Womack’s solo material. Its from a performance on March 10, 2001 at the now-gone 12th & Porter bar/restaurant in Nashville as Tommy opened for Scott Miller. Womack was about six years removed from the breakup of the Cheese, and Miller had just formed Scott Miller & The Commonwealth two years after the dissolution of The V-Roys. You Don’t Get Over Love, and you don’t get over great music.

9. Miss Quincy - Wild Mountain Flower.mp3
Buy (CD Baby): Your Mama Won’t Like Me (2011)
Submitted by: Simon2307
Comments: Seem to have a thing for female vocals and banjo’s at the moment – this is a new one on my playlist.

10. The Church Keys - "Brother Was You Prayin’"
From: Work With It! (1999)
Submitted By: Bowood
Comments: Was going to send in these guys’ “Pigtails Plaid Skirt” , but as just listening to that song may be a felony, rip it up with this stomper instead.

11. The Great Recession Orchestra - "Chinese Honeymoon"
From: Have You Ever Even Heard of Milton Brown? (2010)
Submitted By: Mike Orren
Comments: While Bob Wills is the undisputed King of Texas Swing, it was invented by the long-forgotten Milton Brown. A crew of some of Fort Worth’s top musicians rediscovered Brown’s work last year and produced a tribute album showcasing Brown’s more gypsy jazz-heavy fusion with hillbilly music. “Chinese Honeymoon” is a nice uptempo intro to the album.

12. Kitty Wells - "My Big Truck Drivin’ Man"
From: Kitty Wells Showcase (1968)
Submitted By: DCNoise
Comments: Kitty Wells: older than your grandma, cooler than you.

13. Reckless Kelly - "She Sang the Red River Valley"
From: Acoustic: Live At Stubb’s (2000)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: This song makes me want to learn how to play guitar.

14. The Snake The Cross The Crown - "Gypsy Melodies"
From: Cotton Teeth (2007)
Submitted By: Beldo
Comments: I’ve been listening to this album a lot lately. One of my favorites of 2007. Getting worried that I haven’t heard a peep from these guys in four years.

15. The Civil Wars - "Barton Hollow"
From: Barton Hollow (2011)
Submitted By: Phil Norman
Comments: Sure, they got popular due to a Grey’s Anatomy placement. So what — that tune, “Poison and Wine,” leaves me quivering in my seat. Sure, they do the same sappy folky thing time and time again. So what — they do it right.

16. Pete Stein - Tiny Creatures.mp3
From: Dark Horse demos (2010)
Submitted By: TheOtherBrit
Comments: I think I’ve seen Pete from Truckstop Coffee play more than any other artist in the last year or two. This is a song of a demo album he’s been touring with the last few months. From what I’ve heard live his next full album should be pretty great.

17. Ponderosa - "Devil On My Shoulder"
From: Moonlight Revival (2011)
Submitted By: Trailer

18. R.B. Morris - "Roy"
From: Take That Ride (1997)
Submitted By: Brad
Comments: Here’s RB Morris. Great songwriter, He’s a poet from Knoxville, picked up a guitar and now does this. This one is a classic album. Scott Miller thinks this guy’s the shit. You’ll recognize the very famous singer on this song instantly. This is a great song. No Cheeseburger [Editor's Note: Jimmy Buffet reference], but great nonetheless. Listen a couple of times, and you’ll be singing it over your oatmeal in the morning.

19. Neko Case - "Deep Red Bells"
From: Blacklisted (2002)
Submitted By: Cowbelle
Comments: My favorite Neko track, nine years later.

20. Jimmy Sturr - "Edelweiss"
From: Polka! All Night Long (1996)
Submitted By: Gorrck

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