Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Aimz is Back!

I'm BACK! Did you miss me???

Between Rochester and Syracuse, NY.
So, let's review the last month. I repatriated and drove a U-Haul from Toronto to Boston through a lake effect snow squall in upstate New York. I had no driving incidents until I got a half block from my new apartment on a side street in Cambridge, and side swiped some dude's car while he was sitting in it. FUCK! Big U-Haul trucks and narrow Cambridge streets don't mix.

Cambridge, MA, Jan. 13, 2011
But it could have been a lot worse, as six days later, on my third day at my new job, we got hammered by a blizzard. Twenty inches of the white stuff. Snow Day! Here's my favorite blizzard song. Listen closely to the lyrics and try not to cry.

Chris Knight - North Dakota (demo version).mp3
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Cambridge, MA, Jan. 21, 2011
The following Tuesday, we had three more inches of snow, followed by 0.75 inches of rain and ice. That Thursday night/Friday morning we had another eight inches of snow. Here's a great song about being somewhere you don't want to be, while having to deal with shitty weather.

Leeroy Stagger - Snowing in Nashville.mp3
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Do you sense a theme here?

My front stoop on Jan. 27, 2011.
This past Thursday we has yet ANOTHER snow storm, dropping 12 more inches on my from stoop. This was the third snow storm in my third week in Massachusetts. If there is another storm this coming week, I will freak out. At one point this winter, 49 of the 50 states had some snow on the ground. Even Mississippi. Here's a beautiful song from a massively underrated singer/songwriter.

Caroline Herring - Mississippi Snow.mp3
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As my buddy Lesley pointed out, the gods are punishing me for leaving Canada, by bringing Canada to me. Since I have been here, Boston has had a total of 40+ inches of snow, bringing the total up to 60+ inches for the season. Normally Boston would have about 16 inches total by now.

Gotta throw this one in for the Boston/Cambridge crowd.

Mark Sandman - Snow.mp3
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I am Snowstar Aimz


toomuchcountry said...

Welcome back to blogging. Now quit your whining, keep shoveling, recommend new music to me, and start celebrating your Feb 5 Todd Snider show. :-)

simon2307 said...

Welcome back, hope you're settling into the neighbourhood. That CK song always brings a lump to the throat.

Duncanmusic said...

You should have looked south of Rochester for a job (I know, they're hard to find anyhere) we've had BELOW average snow this year in Naples, NY just enough to keep the local ski slopes open. Yeah, it's been cold but we've not had more thsn 4 inches fall IN A WEEK. It's been missing us EVERYTIME the big ones come.

The Eadt Coast is getting a winter to remember. Let's hope the RAIN doesn;t follow the snow in quatities this spring or people are finally going to accept that the climate is changing. Hope you're warm where you are. SOUNDS like you 're getting inspired by your music choices.

Berni said...

There's more snow coming our way Wednesday and perhaps Friday. Usually Boston and other coastal areas get more moderate weather than the rest of the state due to the ocean.

MTM said...

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Thanks and keep up the great work.