Thursday, May 20, 2010

May (or May Not) Feel Bad For You

The monthly comp from the forum users at
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1. The Broken Family Band - "Give And Take"
Hello Love (2007)

2. Roky Erickson and Okkervil River - "Goodbye Sweet Dreams"
True Love Cast Out All Evil (2010)

3. Michael Schenker - "I Am Grateful"
Thank You, Vol 3 (2003)

4. Earl Scruggs, his kids, and The Byrds - "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere"
His Family and Friends (1972)
Comment: This album is one of my faves, but the DVD is a must have.

5. Country Gazette - Tried So Hard.mp3
From: Traitor In Our Midst (1972, out of print)
Comment: Good take on this Gene Clark song.

6. Jim and Jesse - "Roll Over Beethoven"
Berry Pickin' In The Country (1965)

7. The Sadies - "Postcards"
Darker Circles (2010)
Comment: My favorite from their new one, though all of the songs are exceptional.

8. The Fox Hunt - "I'll Drink Cheap"
Long Way to Go (2010)

9. Joe Pug - "Not So Sure"
Messenger (2010)
Comment: This song has been kicking my ass lately.

10. Martha Tilston - Rockpools.mp3
Buy: Lucy and the Wolves (2010)
Comment: I just discovered this purveyor of British folk with an absolutely gorgeous voice. This is my favorite song off of her new album.

11. Martha Tilston - "Wild Swimming"
Lucy and the Wolves (2010)
Comment: Another song from Tilston's new album, this one much darker.

12. John Moreland - Trust Funds.mp3
From (free download from MySpace): Rob's House Demos (2009)
Comment: This guy kinda reminds me of Tim Barry. Saw him open for Two Cow Garage.

13. John Moreland - "One More Headache"
First Demos (2006)

14. Andrew Anderson - Once Met a Girl.mp3
Buy: As Long as This Thing's Flying (2009)
Comment: Hardcore troubadour from Idaho that I saw as an opener a while back. Like the cut of his jib.

15. Andrew Anderson - "The Hawk"
As Long as This Thing's Flying (2009)

16. Merle Haggard - "Take Him Fishing"
All Gone Fishin' compilation (2006)
Comment: ACT fathers - you know what to do.

17. The Del-Vikings - "Whispering Bells"
Come Go With Me (1959)
Comment: Love that 1950's doo-wop. The Del-Vikings were a multiracial vocal group, pretty rare at the time.

18. Smiley Hobbs - "Train 45"
Classic Bluegrass From The Smithsonian Folkways (1956)
Comment: Album title says it best.

19. Deadstring Brothers - "Jones Street"
Deadstring Brothers (2003)
Comment: Stones copyists get it right.

20. Skye Paige and the Original Recipe - "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong"
Whole Lotta Woman (2010)
Comment: Skye Paige is a kick ass local musician here in Charleston….great rockabilly-punk attitude…doesn’t take any shit especially from douchebag guys.

21. Prison Book Club - Heart of Lead.mp3
Buy: Required Reading (2009)
Comment: Another brilliant tune from John R. Miller of The Fox Hunt fame…this band will rock your socks off…get a chance to see them live and make sure you get them to do their cover of "Rock Salt and Nails" from Utah Phillips.

22. Prison Book Club - "Everything’s Fine"
Required Reading (2009)
Comment: Nothing like the first song off an EP that kicks you in the teeth from the get go…and nothing more fucking annoying than an artist’s “side project” that is so fucking good it makes you want to sell your guitar and start working a “real job” again.

23. Glossary - The Sweet Forever.mp3
Buy: Feral Fire (2010)

24. Glossary - "Bend With The Breeze"
Feral Fire (2010)
Comment: Forget all the BS you may have heard about this band not being worth a damn from certain members of this board. Their 6th album Feral Fire is fucking great and these 2 selections should put all the haters in their place. You know who you are bitches.


Unknown said...

This artist is amazing. Please check him out.

Anonymous said...

You've got Michael Schenker at # 3? He is a FINE guitar player! He's on the first Scorpions album...Lonesome Crow. I smoked up with my friend to that album many, many times in 2nd year. From ??????????????