Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More on 2009

I meant to do more blogging last week while I was on vacation in St. Petersburg, Florida, but the internet connection at the hotel was abysmal at best. So instead I did a lot more drinking. The above photo is from Dockside Dave's. Nothing like eating a half pound of fresh fried grouper, giant onion rings, and several beers on an outdoor patio on December 26. And then slipping into a food coma and napping on the beach.

Anyhoo, here are a few more albums which I feel are among the best of 2009.

Tim Easton put out a wonderful bluesy/alt country album called Porcupine. And wow, can he play guitar! Check out his web site to see some of the 500 limited edition album covers which he painted.

Broke My Heart.mp3

William Elliott Whitmore is young white man who sounds like an old black blues man. Great album.

There's Hope for You.mp3

Regular readers of this blog will know that I love all things Jay Farrar. Son Volt put out a wonderful album this year, that some bloggers even compared to Trace. Well, I won't go that far, but it is a damn good album. I'm surprised that it is not on more end of the year lists.

Strength and Doubt.mp3

And speaking of my main man Jay, Farrar and Ben Gibbard released an album based on Jack Keroac's 1962 novel Big Sur, and the subsequent film entitled One Fast Move and I'm Gone. I really don't like Gibbard's day gig with Death Cab for Cutie (worst band name ever), but his voice really works on this record. Farrar wrote all of the music for this film, which came out in limited release on Oct 16.

These Roads Don't Move.mp3

BettySoo was new to me this year. I can really relate to her music. For fans of Kathleen Edwards and/or Patty Griffin.

Never the Pretty Girl.mp3

The sophomore release from A.A. Bondy is even better than his first one. And, he's a hell of a live performer. This album made many best-of lists for 2009.

False River.mp3
Buy: When the Devil's Loose

I learned about American Aquarium from my buddy at Great stuff from this band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Be sure not to confuse them with American Aquarium Products of Oregon when you google them.

City Lights.mp3

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