Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kasey Anderson T-Shirt Giveaway

To help Kasey Anderson promote his upcoming release Nowhere Nights, a bunch of us blogging types have set up a promotion in which you can not only hear some demos off of said release, but also have a chance to win some cool swag.

On the album cover to the left you will see a phrase at the bottom center of the cover art. This phrase is part of a lyric to one of Anderson's new songs. Just match the phrase with with the rest of the lyrics and you may win one of three Nowhere Nights LP/Admit One t-shirt bundles or one of two additional Admit One t-shirts. (See Red River Records for more details.)

Where can you find the rest of the lyrics? Here is where you will have to do a little pointing and clicking. May I suggest you start at A Truer Sound. Or, if you have already stopped by A Truer Sound, I suggest you check out Fencepost. Once you have all of the lyrics, you will be instructed as to where to send the lyrics to be eligible for the prize pack. Good luck! Isn't this fun???

Kasey Anderson - Like Teenage Gravity (demo).mp3
Buy: Nowhere Nights (limited edition signed vinyl LP).
Official release date is February 16, 2010.

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