Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Canadian Music Week

Happy Canada Music Week! The conference/festival for all things in Canadian music, or something. I have to admit that I am not down with what the cool kids are listening to, and that I do not know a lot of the artists that are playing this week. If you want a more comprehensive coverage of CMW, check out Chromewaves.

Tonight one of the stalwarts of Canadian music takes the stage. Many people my age remember first hearing about Sloan as a Halifax bar band in the early 90s. Ten studio albums later, they remain one of the top bands in Canada, and one of the best power pop bands anywhere. They are probably going on stage right about now at the Mod Club.

I Hate My Generation.mp3
From: Twice Removed (1994)

Losing California.mp3

Buy: Between the Bridges (1999)
US: discontinued; Canada: Maple Music

If It Feels Good Do It.mp3
Buy: Pretty Together (2001)
US: discontinued; Canada: Maple Music

I'm Not a Kid Anymore.mp3
Buy: Parallel Play (2008)
US:; Canada: Maple Music

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simon2307 said...

Gotta admit I'd never heard of Sloan, liking the tracks, Losing California particularly, will have to seek out some more of their music, great post